A re-imagining of the Criterion Collection classic by Rainer Werner Fassbinder DIRECTED and featuring NEW TEXT by third space artistic director Benjamin Viertel.

February 17th-March 11th at The New Ohio Theatre in Manhattan

When a new model, Karin, enters the home of famous fashion designer Petra von Kant, Petra's world -- and career -- rocket to manic heights. But in the midst of Petra’s euphoria, her submissive assistant, Marlene, senses a threat. When Karin becomes a superstar, leaving everything behind, Marlene is left picking up the broken pieces. What Marlene does with those pieces will dictate the rest of her life. Featuring an all-female cast, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant delves into the tortured connections between desire and power in an industry driven by consumption.

This production was developed at Abrons Arts Center in 2016 during a two-month artist residency. 

The production features Betsey Brown (Karin Thimm), Jody Doo (Gabrielle von Kant), Caroline Gombé (Petra von Kant), Lenore Harris (Valerie von Kant), Mariana Parma (Sidonie von Grasenabb), and Alex Spieth (Marlene). Directed by Benjamin Viertel, Dramaturgy by Olivia O'Connor, Costume Design by Emily Chalmers, Lighting Design by Mary Ellen Stebbins, Scenic Design by Bryce Cutler, Sound Design by Almeda Beynon, Stage Manager Kelly Hartnett, and Associate Producer Lio Sigerson. 

JODY DOO as Gabrielle von Kant

ALEX SPIETH as Marlene

BETSEY BROWN as Karin Thimm

CAROLINE GOMBÉ as Petra von Kant

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.31.03 PM.png

MARIANA PARMA as Sidonie von Grasenabb

LENORE HARRIS as Valerie von Kant

New York IT Awards


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